Crew and Shared Cost Concept

Operating Costs


This page is about something nobody likes to talk about, but that needs to be said and explained.


The Kairos is a shared cost sailing cooperative. This means that the crew could be rotating and  shares the operating cost of the ship. Every year there are improvements and repairs to be made. To divide the operating costs in a fair manner over all participants, a monthly budget has been created.  The reason for this form of budgeting is that some periods there might be no operating costs while other periods might lead to higher costs. This way all the costs are divided fairly over the participants.


Below is a specification of these costs. The costs are based on a crew of 3 which will be the average number of people on board. 


On the journey there will be plenty of opportunities to make some money. An example of this a temporary job in a place we stay a little longer, with YouTube videos, performance e.g. with a guitar. The people on board would be happy to assist or facilitate starting up something like this.


In specific cases the captain will make an exception as it comes to contribution. This will be agreed in person.


Besides the above there will be a contribution required in participation. Some examples of these are keeping watch, navigation, painting, grocery, shopping, fold sails, pulling ropes, blow up the rubber boat, cooking, dish washing and fishing.


The idea is to share the costs of running the boat. Any crew member on board is there willingly, and for his or her own enjoyment. Everybody who comes on the boat do it because they want to benefit from being on the boat, learning to sail, explore incredible places, live in community with the rest of the crew, get to surf, dive, fish, kayak and such. It is only fair that everybody on board contributes to the running of the boat, not only with labor and watch keeping and kitchen chores, but financially as well. We’re not rich people taking friends along. This is a share boat, a co-op boat.


Some examples of operating cost:


  • Repair and maintenance of engine (500,- Euro/y)

  • Updates of electronics if obsolete or broken (750,-  Euro/y)

  • Maintenance and write-off of water maker (400,-  +1.150,-  Euro/y)

  • Repair maintenance and replacements of sails (1.500,-  Euro/y)

  • Painting, welding and repair jobs on the hull. (1.500,-  Euro/y)

  • Tools and consumables purchase. (500,-  Euro/y)

  • Slipway and yard cost for hauling out the ship (500,-  Euro/y)

  • Purchasing of navigational charts (250,-  Euro/y)

  • Harbor costs (1.560,-  Euro/y)

  • Diesel  (2.340,-  Euro/y)

  • Petrol (2.340,-  Euro/y)

  • Other expenses / unexpected (730,-  Euro/y)


The fixed operating costs budget per participant is 90,- euro per week or 390,- euro month.


Other costs

Besides the operating costs there are other costs. Some of these costs are personal. Other cost will be divided equally over the crew.


Costs that will be shared equally over the crew:

  • Food


The costs for this per participant will be approximately 30,- euro per week / 130,- euro per month


Cost that will be paid by individual crew members

  • Liquor beer tobacco etc.

  • Activities

  • Visa costs

  • Flight and travel costs

  • etc

If you have any questions that are not answered here please contact trough the contact page.