A Coruña -Time to enjoy the Spanish Ria’s

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

After arrival in Spain the pressure is off a little bit. We want to travel to the canary islands mid September. This gives us about two months for the northwest Spanish coast and the Portuguese coast. We have decided to spent most of this time in the Spanish Rias because this area is very beautiful. Something that surprised us is the cold water here. We’ve measured 15 degrees!

Arriving in a Coruña we wanted to stay in the harbour for one day. We spent a week in the end. Meeting lots of interesting (solo) sailers. We went whit 5 (of which 4 captains of which 3 solosailors) in the dingy to a beach across the Ria to enjoy the sunset and collect mussels. Off course this ended in a small after party on Kairos with a growing number of people.

After one week we moved to an anchorage about 2 Nm from the city. We spent several nights here when we decided to move on.

We left to sail to Islas Sisargas Grandes. This is about 25 nm from A Coruna. It can be a dangerous place to approach with swell over shallows and rocky dangers. We heard the name means great chaos. On the particular day the weather was calm and a beam reach of 8 kn was forecasted. Perfect for a spinnaker reach. This off course turned out the be a 5 knot close haul. We motored for 25 Nm. Arriving we passed trough the narrow Chanel on the east side between the rocky dangers. We dropped anchor and inflated the rubberboat to go to the island.

There is an abandoned lighthouse rising from the cliffs, over 100 meter above sea level, which we wanted to visit. Walking up the steep path hundreds of seabirds welcomed us with loud screaming. Areiving to the top of the island we can see a number of aged and abandoned buildings. A service home, a chapel, a large villa with a large degrading fog horn rising From the roof and of course the lighthouse. Behind these buildings you can see the swell crashing into the 100 meter rocky cliffs. An incredible view.

The next day local fisherman give us 10 fish. First they wanted to sell, but after we talked for a while they refused payment and the fish became a present. “Remember the fisherman from Galicia on your journey!”

the anchorage Mia very exposed , mostly to south to west swell. When a 40 kn wind was forecasted we decided it was time to leave before this weather arrived. The choice was: sail in wind up to 40 kn or motor before that without wind. Motoring it was. 10 nm sw we found a well protected anchorage behind a breakwater. This anchorage offers great views on the beach, Forrest and small fisherman town. Such an incredible place. We are here to date enjoying the pleasures of a small fisherman town.

To be continued ( pictures will be uploaded later.

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