Leaving to the Canary Islands.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The time has come to sail to the Canaries. On Sunday morning we will set sail to the Canaries. We are currently in Cascais close to Lisabon. The journey to the Arrecife is 600 naitical miles and will take around 6 days.

We are happy to welcome Mees and Margarida on board who will join us for this adventure. Mees will be flying to portugal from Holland. Margarida lives in Lisabon and joins us during her holiday.

Today we have performed the rituals of preparing the ship for sea. Deflate the rubberboat, stow away the outboard engine, seafasten the bicycles, fill up de diesel tank, (we used about 40 Liters in 300nm.) grocery shopping etc.

in lisabon we met up with old friend Felicia and new friend Marco.

On the canaries we hole to meet up up with Mike Solosailor and Nacho, an old friend from Spain.

Exiting times ahead!

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