On our way south (west)!!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In this time it is challenging to travel due to corona lockdown situation. beginning of April we decided to set sail for Spain to escape the cold. We went south but the weather was quite severe already in the beginning. The wind was about 6-7 Beaufort. After about 50 milestone we decided to abort because the both of us suffered from seasickness. It was cold at night as well making it harder. The boat was a bit overpowered but I couldn’t bring myself to change the genua to high aspect.

We went portside towards stellendam. We had not prepared to go there. On the aproach there is a shipping lane of about 4 miles. The shippinglane is very close to the beach. Depth is approximately 3 meters. With a west wind more than 5 Beaufort Is strongly advised not to enter the shipping lane due to ground seas (breaking waves) so we read in the pilot afterward. On top of that we decided to cut short the shipping lane by about one mile and go trough the shallower water/ over sand bank. in the pitch black clouded night we could hear the breaking waves and see the coast vaguely. The beach we thought. “ Something is wrong something is Wrong!“ I shouted to Akane. Suddenly we are in the middle of huge breaking waves. “Close the hedge! Close the hedge! “ a big breaker makes us surf starboard. I increase the throttle to maximum. We hit the ground. Th next wave breaks over starboard. The water is blasting over the boat. We hit the ground. The ship leans over to starboard about 45 degrees maybe more . One the next breaking we get free from the ground, full trothle against it and we are floating again.

That at was close!

after that we went around found a different approach and made it trough the shipping lane through the breaking waves.

Next morning we noticed the heater had taken water trough the chimney and Akane advised she heard ssssssss at some point.

We stayed 3 weeks in Stellendam on a public jetty. Stellendam is actually a nice place. In these weeks we were Heating the boat with candle lights.

After 3 weeks the weather got warmer. We decided to go back to more civilized grounds. We set sail to Scheveningen. Due to the corona the marina in Scheveningen was still closed so we sneaked in the ship to the commercial harbour. The crew of the Minerva (a 40 meter tall ship) allowed us to stay alonhgsside for one night. That became almost one month. We brought the crew of the Minerva to sea for sailing and had dinner At sea. Since they can not go out this season due to corona they were happy to go to sea on our little ship.

After some weeks the harbour authority started to make some trouble and said they would tow us to Sea of we didn’t depart by our selves.

We we set sail for Vlaardingen. A lovely town on the Maas river. Going up the river with speeds up to 10 knots due to the current that was a thrill!

After about 5 days in vlaardinen we took incentory and didn’t restocking of fuel and food. We surfed down the river to sea again and set sail to Dover.

on our way to Dover we had the most amazing weather! 25 degrees light breeze with the spinnaker up. Delightful sailing. Our first proper journey over sea. we decides in advance to sail trough the bligh windpark. On the chart it said restricted, but really?! Approaching the wind park suddenly we hear trough the radio” Kairos Kairos Kairos what is your intention over” so I responded this Is Kairos, we intend to keep our current heading over. Kairos you are entering a restricted area, Kairos if you continue we will alert the coastguard Over. After a bit we agreed I could pas somewhere trough about 10 milestone north. We changed course as agreed. Some thirty minutes later a 50 meter long workshop shows up at our stern with large lights in our face. “ Kairos change your coarse from 330 to 180 degrees immediately Over. “

I reapeated we we agreed with the other guard ship we could continue this course. karois negative, change your course immediately to 180 degrees. This is Kairos... negative. We will continue this course. Kairos out.

We we kept the course trough the park. The large workshop followed us until daylight and then gave up

the next day a ferry crossed right in front of us. The sea was flat, we could clearly sea a large breaking bow wave coming. We quickly prepared for this wave and closed the spinnaker. I stayed on the front deck. When the wave arrived i shouted brace! The nose went up steeply on the first wave, fell down and dove into the second wave like a submarine. The water came more than 1 meter over the deck, almost washing me of and leaving me with a injured leg.

Afte ariving in Dover the mood was euforic. We made it to ananother coast, in this corona time. No trouble with the customs. After some days we headed further west to Portland. 20 knots of wind from behind. Made good progress. Maximum 10 knots speed. In the night the genua sheet broke pulling the spinnaker pole out to the maximum , stuck in this position. The sail and ropes quickly became an unsolvable knot. After half an hour the genus was closed and everything stored away. In the morningn the spinnaker pole was repaired with an Hamer and we could maintain the genus again.

in the portland marina the harbour master said harbour Ian closed surveys to covid. You can’t anchor our at sea in 25 knots. We sneaked around the Corbee and droped anchor behind the pier. After drping anchor I decided to row to shore in the rubber boat to get some cold beers to celebrate. Coming back i noticed it was impossible to row back against the tide and wind. I gattered all my strength and peddled like a manual for about 45 minutes. (300 meter) just making it to the ship when I used all my strength. From 20 meters away akane was able to Throw a rope.

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