Sailing The Gambia !!

In the past month a lot has happened. First of all we decided to haul out the ship in the south of Gran Canaria (Pasito Blanco) for some dry dock works. The antifauling started to fail and there were some spots on the hull that required paint repair. Together with Felipe, Marta and Mia we worked hard to get the boat back into the water after about ten days. All ready for the transatlantic! During our drydock works we also did some partying on the local camping. We met a lot of awesome people. On the concrete (where the boat was) and in the bar we celebrated Felipe’s birthday.

After that we sailed to puerto Mogan, just close by. After one night we sailed to San Miguel de Tenerife on the next island. We had a quick passage of about 55 NM we were planing on about 12 hours but did it in a little over 7.

In San Miguel I decided to set sail for Gambia the 16th of December. We had a lot to prepared still and only two days left. Navigation light repair on the top of the mast, grocery shopping, covid test vaccinations laundry etc. During these busy times we had some challenges and the girls were no longer confident to go to sea for the long journey ahead. Just a few hours before departure the girls decided not to come. Packed up there stuffs and left. This all came as a sueprise for me and Felipe. Felipe needed some time to think, but in the end he decided to come along to Gambia around 20:00 we left together.

We arrived in Gambia Christmas Eve.The trip was awesome!! The passage was super fast. 1000 miles in 8 days only.

We had no wind in the beginning. After that it picked up and became quite strong.The waves were crashing all over the ship.We got some water in the boat and we could walk on the wall. We got 4 tuna fish on the way keeping us well fed. We didn’t see any ships until Dakar so we could sleep nicely.Felipe went into the water to swim with the whales.As he turned around a great whit shark of almost 3 meter atack him.But he scared him of and came to the ship super quick.I forgot to get charts for this area and arriving here was difficult because of an area of 30 miles with shallow waters and breaking waves.This country is super awesome ! The people are so helpful and friendly. Immigration is closed until Monday but they said no worries you can go anywhere already haha.And the said we can bring a navy officer for our trip onto the river in the jungle in the coming weeks.

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