The Canary Islands life!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020


It has been some time since I last wrote. We have sailed to the canaries with 4 on board. Our destination was the most northern island , Gracioca. Upon arrival we were sent away because a permit is required to enter this island. After our 7 days passage we had to go into the night again to make way to Arrecife. The engine was protesting because of dirty filters, with some magic in the tank we made it safely into the harbour.

The passage from Lisbon to Arrecife of 650 miles went great. The winds were mostly light and the swell was small. On the first couple of days the swell can in from starboard making the ship roll a lot. Making some members of the crew seasick. Half way we ran out of wind for some time and stopped the ship. Mees and I decided to jump over board into the mirror smooth water for a refreshing dive with 4000m below us.

We saw large a turtle and were accompanied by dolphins on the way.

After more than one week at sea all we whished for was Burgerking and cold beers and hot showers. Guess what! Right in front of our pontoon: BurgerKing (which was serving cold beer) and hot showers.

The whole crew went their own way the next day. This gave me some time to unwind on my own.

After one week I sailed to The next island, Fuerteventura. I sailed here with the help of Soo from the canaries, which flew out to arrecife and was on board for 5 days.

Time to enjoy nice weather and the good swells rolling in. The weather is very pleasant. Calm nights with a fresh breeze in the afternoon. The swell breaks on paddling distance from the ship and the town of Coralejo is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It was here that I stared out to sea several years ago and tried to image me sailing into the port with my own ship. After years of hard work i made it here. I sailed over 2000 miles and feel more accomplished.

In corralejo there were some old and new surf friends I met up with. I got some nice waves on my new Lufi 9’10” longboard.

Also I went to visit the local dog shelter to help out walking the dogs, twice followed by a lunch. I made quite some miles running and biking around the island. Also I rented a motorbike for a day to go visit some other towns I had been on my previous trips to Fuerteventura.

Its just me on board, so the search for a new crew that want to venture across the Atlantic is on. Met up with different people which I declined because I figured the were not a good fit.

Finally Mia from Scotland and Phil from England came on board. They are ready for any adventure and aspiring sailors. Loads of good vibes. We’ve had some great days on coralejo and made our first miles together. Phill likes to sleep on the front deck in the hammock. Phil met some old friends which were looking for a ride across to Lanzarotte. So with 4 British on board we sailed across. The price was some beers and minimum one crazy hat per person ( Phil’s idea)

We had a blast, our passengers threw up but the crew stood tall! The wind was about 20 kn. The course was upwind upswell. Several waves broke over the ship and water came into the sail from the upwind side. I’ve never had this in the 2000 nautical miles before.

Tomorrow we’ll set sail to Gran Canaria!

We’ll pick up Martha and sail on to Tenerife. In Tenerife the ship will be hauled out for maintenance.

In the beginning of December we hope to set sail to Cabo Verde. A 10 day journey. We hope to arrive before Christmas and NYE

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